The aesthetic of ‘Athletic Chic’

British designer Lee Wood designs the Pre Fall/Winter 2021 collection, a hymn to physicality and dynamism

After the debut with the jewelry line, Lee Wood starts once again from the sporting heritage of Bikkembergs to create a Pre Fall-WInter 2021 activewear collection that celebrates physical but also mental well-being. “The gym is no longer exclusively a place for physical preparation but rather a destination, a status.” Says the creative director, “In this environment, fashion cannot be missing. I wanted to create garments that can give life to this thought, creating an athletic chic style”.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”, the maison’s historic motto, perfectly exemplifies the new collection that brings together a selection of garments that revolve around the concept of lifestyle. Graphics and technical materials communicate the sportswear soul of the collection, while a more formal part composed of tailored coats and dresses balance the casual and sporty language. The colors are neutral. Black, mélange gray, navy and camel combined with accents of violent colors such as fluo green. Intense red, denim blue and shades of saturated yellow.

The images showing the Pre Fall-Winter 2021 collection were first shot by Lee Wood himself who sought to capture the physicality and dynamism of the entire collection. “Aesthetics is at the center of all my research: starting from architecture up to photography.”

“Photography has allowed me to give a different interpretation to garments whose creative process I followed . The photographic result contains the message of the new collection”.

Lee Woods

Editorial L’Officiel Hommes Italia @dirkbikkembergs
Photographer Lee Wood  @leecooperwood
Creative Director Lee Wood
Models Riccardo Albanese @riccardo_albanese & Matteo Guerrieri @teo_guerrieri
Agency Boom the Agency @boommodels.

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