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Sexy Male Models – German Luca Heubl

German Model Luca Heubl Photographed by Sasha Xolsen

It is my pleasure to share some photos of German Model Luca Heubl, photographed by Sasha Xolsen. Model and fitness influencer who’s risen to fame showcasing his sculpted physique, fashion shoots and workout routines on Instagram. He has over 410 thousand followers on the platform. Number of his followers on Twitter is in excess of 550 thousand followers.

Most of readers will ask just a natural question for followers of this type of site: Is Luca Heubl gay? I will probably disappoint most of you – I don’t know. Well it is not completely disappointing I guess. Chances are 50% yes and 50% no. I found some information mentioning his girlfriend but I would not call it reliable. On the other side he collaborated with some guys that are openly gay. That does not mean he is gay himself though. You are welcome to search for the answer. If you want to share that information with the rest of us – please us the “comments” box.

Lucas Heubl studied at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. He has been represented by Kult Models and 16men Paris, DT Models in America, Independent Management in Milan and NEVS Models in UK.

Let’s share some photos now!

German male model Luca Heubl photo
I am an 8220old school8221 so I might be wrong but I like that mix of well developed body with 8220femininity8221 of wearing excessive jewelry

He shared a TikTok video about his parents in June 2021. Luca has a brother whose name is Marvin. He and social media star Ana Lisa Kohler have been dating.

Luca was born in November 1996.

I would like to commend the photographer, Sasha Xolsen for producing some sexy, or may I say homoerotic, photos of Luca. Those who know me from my previous life (on another site that has been lost forever), know that I particularly appreciate black & white photos of male body. All three of black and white photos presented here are product of a good photographer. That is my opinion. Let me know if you disagree and why.

Here are some links as well:

Model Luca Heubl @lucahbl
Photography Sasah Xolsen @sashaxolsen

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