What are the best Tattoo ideas for men?

Some Tattoo ideas for queers

Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel that tattoos are more fashionable among queer people now than ever. The question that many ask is – what are the best tattoo ideas for men? Let’s try to find the answer to that question together.

Are you looking to get inked but not sure what type of design you want? Men tend to be more conservative with their tattoo designs. They usually opt for smaller and more subtle designs rather than the large and graphic ones you often see on women. Whether you’re considering a discrete bird tattoo or a more significant piece like the Polynesian tribal sleeve, there are many great tattoo ideas for men. Here is our list of what we think are the best tattoo ideas for men:

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric designs are simple, symmetrical, and have few loose ends or lines. Because of this, they are easy to design. And they look great in simple black and grey colour schemes. The nautical star is a classic geometric tattoo design that you’ll see on many men. With 5 points, the nautical star is often used as a symbol of guidance, honour, and recognition of service.

Star tattoos can also represent the connection between people in a relationship or friendship. If the 5 points of the star are broken or interrupted, it can symbolise a disconnection. Geometric tattoos are great for simplicity and clean lines. They also can look bold and striking when done in bright colours. If you’re looking for a classic yet bold tattoo, geometric tattoos could be a great choice.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are a classic design that is still loved today. These tattoos are often large and involve bold lines and geometric shapes to create bold and striking designs. They can be done in various styles, including Polynesian, Japanese, and American tribal. Tribal tattoos can be composed of one large piece or multiple smaller pieces.

Tribal designs are often associated with nature, spirituality, and ancient civilisations. Many men choose tribal tattoos to tell a story about themselves or their interests. The Polynesian tribal sleeve is a trendy tattoo design and tells a story about ancestry and culture. If you’re drawn to tribal tattoos but aren’t sure where to start, plenty of online tattoo galleries can help guide you in creating your own tribal design.

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos have been around since the beginning of tattooing. While many men choose to get animals in natural form, you can also find plenty of abstract designs. There are thousands of animals to choose from when designing your tattoo, and they can be done in various styles. Wolf tattoos are a prevalent design choice.

Wolves are powerful and regal animals, and they can represent many things depending on the design. Wolves are often associated with freedom, bravery, and strength. Suppose you’d like a more subtle animal tattoo but aren’t sure what to get. In that case, you can also try incorporating small symbols and designs often associated with different animals.

For example, the rooster is often associated with the sun; the lion represents strength and bravery, the butterfly represents transformation and change, and the snake symbolises health and healing. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Lettering and Word Tattoos

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is more discreet and subtle, the word tattoo could be a great choice. A word tattoo can be small and discrete. You don’t necessarily have to get the word in your language or the name of your significant other.

Word tattoos can embody anything you want them to. Whether it’s a favourite quote, a state of being, or a goal you hope to accomplish. You’ll have various fonts and styles if you’re looking for word tattoos. You can also customise the size and placement of your word tattoo to make it stand out but remain subtle.

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