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Austin Wolf – first to fuck Alam Wernik

Austin Wolf – The Queer Porn Performer and Content Producer claiming to be the first guy who fucked Alam Wernik in his first video!

Austin Wolf is today’s Queer Twitter Influencer. I must admit not being familiar with his gay porn production in the past. However, some photos and videos undoubtedly confirm his fame in that game. Reno Gold is one of his latest partners in a serious anal play and pleasure. Not many people can say they fucked Reno Gold – a gay porn superstar.

Austin Wolf also claims to be the first one to fuck well known gay bottom boy – Alam Wernik. That must be a boiling experience. There is photographic “evidence” of their crime in front of cameras. I am bloody jealous.

This fitness-obsessed giant is 6’4″ 239lbs and is a total top with a cock in harmony with the build of his body. According to his Twitter profile, Austin Wolf resides in NYC. If you want a top who can hold you in his arms and let you slide on his cock – you just found one. He will do it with ease. Make sure your hole is prepared—lots of lube to be applied for improved pleasure.

Don’t you think that Reno Gold enjoyed that cock drilling him? I think he was there for more than just making another gay porn clip or video.

Austin Wolf seems to be collaborating with quite many other gay porn content producers. He must be a very good fucker. Tops are always hard workers, but in his creations, bottoms seem to be copping a good portion of beating as well.


I am still working on establishing some sort of competition for the most popular queer content creators and performers. Austin Wolf will certainly be one of the candidates.

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