Austin Young our Queer Twitter Influencer

Austin Young appeared on many sites. Now he is posting on OnlyFans. Austin is Queer Twitter Influencer on Gay News Portal Network

Austin Young is one of the brightest stars of the gay porn jungle today. He is busy filming and posing for various gay porn studios, producing his own content, and posting it on OnlyFans. We love young and innocent-looking Aust Young! Frankly, I never have enough of watching him. How about you?

Boy for Sale – Austin Young

Everybody wants to feel wanted. Desired. Of value. Barely legal college student Austin Young certainly does. It’s one reason that he was so happy to find the secret underground society that is To be more accurate, it found him, in the person of Master Legrand who discovered him overwhelmed and despondent on the streets.

Boy for Sale

Twink Tops

Damn, the boys over at Twink Top are getting in on the action with their muscle bear daddies! When we last saw Eli Bennett and Lance Charger as coach and player, Eli was swinging his long, hard bat Coach’s way. This time, Eli’s teammate Austin Young has joined in the fun for their three-way scene, “Tag Team Ch. 6: Getting an Assist.”

Austin makes an excellent addition to the action with his body, even smaller than Eli’s yet somehow more pronounced in its musculature. We’ve always seen him being willingly used by the grownups over at Masonic Boys and Fun-Size Boys, so it’s nice to see him getting the chance to show off his versatile side and taking control of some severe man-ass.

Twink Tops

Fun-Size Boys

In A World where a virus rages, scientists are trying to figure out exactly how it is spread through bodily fluids. So, let’s spread some bodily fluids! That’s the premise of Fun-Size Boys‘ new scene, “Halloween Special: The Followup, Global Outbreak.” Featuring another stellar turn by super-twink Austin Young, along with heavily muscled daddy-bears Dallas Steele and Dolf Dietrich, it’s a powerhouse scene of intense sexuality as Austin is forced to be a test subject at the authoritative hands of government scientists Dallas and Dolf

Fun-Size Boys

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