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Exclusive interview with one of the rising gay porn stars – Nick Floyd

I thank Nick Floyd for accepting my plea for a short interview with him. Nick is one of our Queer Twitter Influencers and a fast-rising star on the gay porn scene. The fact that Cade Maddox picked him as a partner in one of his videos points to Nick’s qualities as an actor and a great gay bottom boy.


Before writing my article about you, I searched for personal information about you in one of my favourite sources regarding the gay porn industry. However, there was not much information. Would you mind sharing your date of birth, height and weight?

Date of birth, September 8 2000

I am 5’8″ tall

Nick Floyd porn
Nick Floyd is gay porn actor. Interview with Nick Floyd

Twitter seems to be the leading marketing platform for gay porn content creators. You are one of them. However, Twitter just recently changed ownership. Are you concerned about the possibility of a change to their liberal policies allowing porn content to be displayed?

With the change in ownership, I’m not to worry about any changes Elon will make. Only because he has to see where all the interactions and all the traffic is going. A large part of that is the porn side of Twitter, so I think we will be fine. Hopefully haha

What is your favourite part of foreplay? What will action by your partner make you very horny?

My favourite part of foreplay would be just taking our time without expectations, just being horny together and figuring it out. Nothing to plan. Just going with the flow.

Can you tell us more about the content you post on your OnlyFans platform? How many posts do you have on that platform? Is there any other platform where your fans can see your creations?

About my only fans platform at the moment, that’s all the platforms I mainly upload, mostly 3 weekly posts of pictures, video clips and always full-length videos, no PPVs on my account. I have a lot of solo content to switch up sometimes, but mostly I feature one new person a week and have fun with it.

Who is your favourite gay porn partner?

My favourite gay porn partner I have shoot with has to be Vincent O’Reilly such a fun creator and extremely hot to work with

What is the main difference between working for a studio and working on your creation?

When working in a studio, the days are usually longer. Still, a lot more high quality and I’m more prepared for the exact positions we do or dialogue, which can be enjoyable. I love the acting part of studio porn. Still, Onlyfans content has more of a slayed-back quality, no rush, and for the most part, the chemistry is usually better cuz you sought each other out. I loved to do both. They both have great qualities.

Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?

In the future, I’m really hoping to work with Austin Wolf. Not only because he’s a great performer and very sexy, kinda my porn crush before entering the industry, so it would be a fantasy come true to get naked with him.

How do you find collaborators for your projects, and what equipment do you use?

For my collaborations, it’s mostly Twitter that I find my associations, and I film on my iPhone 13 as well as my Canon PowerShot Digital Camera G7 X Mark II

How did you get to start working for the gay porn industry?

I started working in the gay porn industry after I broke up with my boyfriend. I took some time off my burger job and just committed a lot of time to post on Twitter, and after a few months with consistency, I reached out to a porn studio they brought me on.

Are you single or in a relationship?

At the moment, I am single, and many of the people I collaborate with or shoot with in the studio are all taken, it seems, but I’m always on the lookout and open to love. It’s just got a little harder now that I do porn.

Assuming that you are bottom – what are you looking for in your top? What is the perfect gay top in your mind?

I am known as a bottom, but I also love to top occasionally. Still, some essential qualities I look for in a top are someone who reads my body language, is easygoing, has sex with no expectations, and has fun. And if the top can fuck the cum out of me, it’s always a plus.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

And to all the people that support me and love what I do, I really appreciate all your support. I love to create porn and have fun on camera, so I’m glad I found an accepting, easygoing audience as horny as I am.

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