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Is Nick Floyd my new favourite bottom?

Nick Floyd was detected by my radar this morning. I was impressed. Is he my new favourite gay bottom boy? It is robust competition, but he is a very serious candidate.

If you did not know, Nick Floyd is the Queer Twitter Influencer with 142 thousand Twitter followers. Since this morning, he is also one of my favourite gay bottom boys. In my opinion, Nick should be the Queer Twitter Superstar. For that, he will have to have 250 thousand followers. He deserves at least a million if you ask me.

Porn Profile

I have spent some time searching for information about Nick Floyd. I have found many links to sites showing some hot video clips featuring Nick Floyd. However, I could not find any personal information about him. WAYBIG.com states that he is of “white” ethnicity and has brown hair, and that is it. BOYFRIEND.TV adds that his eyes are blue, his penis size is medium, and his body type is skinny.

Nick Floyd started his gay porn career as an actor in 2022, according to iafd.com. During that short period, he participated in the production of seventeen gay porn videos. It indicates that Nick is a gay porn actor in demand by some of the major gay porn studios. Studios from sayuncle.com to cockyboys.com and nextdoorstudios.com to cademaddox.com have videos featuring Nick Floyd.

Only two more things are known about this hot young gay porn actor. He resides in Los Angeles, CA and is a “pure” bottom boy. His appearance is perfect for roles as a nerdy bottom boy, gay schoolboy and a daddy’s toy boy. In any case, he appears to be enjoying all these roles and willing to bottom with some lust. Just as he did with Cade Maddox in “Wet Lust”. A review of that video made me aware of Nick Floyd.

The link to Nick Floyd profile page on Twitter is below. Please check his profile. I am sure you will click the “follow” button. In the end, I can only promise to return to searching, hoping there is more to know about Nick Floyd. I would love it if he would agree to a short interview.

The link to Nick Floyd Page on Twitter

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