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Meet cute Argentinian gay bottom boy!

CARTAINSTA is his name – lovely body, trendy beard and sexy butt are his signature

A question for all those queer tops out there. What is the essential part of the bottom that makes you horny? CARTAINSTA is a lovely Argentinian gay bottom boy. I just “discovered” his profile today. His slim and smooth body is precisely the type I like. His sexy round and hairless butt hole is sure to make me horny. Lucky, I don’t have to hide my erection while writing this.

One thing that does not fit in my perfect bottom picture is his beard. I don’t know about other tops, but a bottom with a beard is not part of my normal fantasies. However, this Argentinian gay bottom boy appeared attractive to me despite sporting a nicely groomed beard. I call on tops out there to let me know what they prefer!

CARTAINSTA loves showing his sexy bottom, and many photos of it are in his profile. He knows his qualities. What sort of bottom is he? It is hard to tell based on his posts. I will probably sound silly, but something makes me feel like he prefers to be some sort of a housewife. I don’t know exactly why I got that feeling. There is something there. Hang on! I think I have found what made me feel that our Argentinian gay bottom boy would love to be treated as a housewife. It is a comment attached to one of his posts:

When you come from work I wait for you like this


I must admit that statement got him several points in my books. This sexy housewife is very keen on oral sex. If you want your cock wet and hard, he will enjoy preparing it for penetration. I bet all of you reading would appreciate that as well.

Bareback Rules!

CARTAINSTA posts various things, including his solo production, collaboration with another guy and a threesome. In all shown acts, he is a bottom. I dare to declare him a “pure” bottom. All actions of sexual interaction are without condoms. I guess that bareback is pretty much a standard these days. I am glad to see that things have changed since the late years of this century’s last and first decade.

This sexy Argentinian gay bottom boy has 165.5 thousand followers on Twitter! That is quite an impressive number. With that number of followers, CARTAINSTA is comfortably our Queer Twitter Influencer. And on his way to becoming Queer Twitter Superstar. Go to his profile and start following him. You will find some hot content there. If you are a top who wants to create his porn content, then maybe you would like to collaborate with him.

Show us that gay bottom hole!

Yes, I can hear you screaming that into your monitor and cursing me for bragging too much. Fine, here we go:

Go to CATAINSTA’s profile on Twitter to see more of his hot content. Some of you will probably visit his OF account for some scorching hot stuff. It is strongly recommended!

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