Latino gay boy Angel Santana now

Angel Santana, Latino gay boy from Montreal – Incoming Star Queer Twitter Performer

Latino gay boys are hot! I don’t know anyone who would disagree with that statement. Do you? Forgive my senility. I don’t recall how did I get to see Angel Santana profile on Twitter. I am sure it was after watching some hot gay porn video where he appeared. Anyhow, I have found him. And I am pleased about that. I enjoyed digging through his Twitter profile to get to know him better. Do you know him personally? I would love to hear from you in that case.

Angel Santana - Latino gay porn actor
Angel Santana

What do I know about Angel Santana?

Those of you who are regular on this site would already know the answer on that question. It is a short answer – next to nothing. However, it is much better than nothing already.

Let’s start from the top of his profile page. Angel Santana, or at least one of his parents was born in Chile. A Chilean flag is next to a Canadian one on top of his profile. He lives in Montreal, Canada. He uses Spanish and English equally in comments associated with his graphical posts. Angel Santana states that his profession is an actor.

It is always dangerous to make guesses about other people’s sexual preferences and preferred sexual roles. However, I am confident that Angel Santana is gay only. I am equally convinced that his desired sexual position is passive or bottom. However, let’s call it versatile bottom for the time being.

Angel Santana – gay porn profile

I could not find Angel Santana in one of the most reliable sources of information regarding gay porn performers appearing in professional gay porn studios projects. It might be because he joined the professional porn production circle recently. Angel Santana stated in his March 9, 2023, post that he made his debut for Cockyboys.

Needless to say that Angel Santana is posting his gay porn content on OnlyFans.

That is all I could tell you about Angel Santana at this point. I wish I could do better. I might be able to get a short interview with him so we can all get to know him better. Till then, please check his profile on Twitter and click the “follow” button. With 31.8 thousand followers, he is our Incoming Star Queer Twitter Performer. Let’s push him to the next level of the Queer Twitter Influencer. He needs to get over 100 thousand followers for that to happen. He deserves it and more.

Link to Angel Santana on Twitter