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New Interview – PlayfullTwink Gay Boy Exclusive

Exclusive Interview with PLAYFULLTWINK (@playfull_twink) – Incoming Queer Twitter Performer

First, I would like to thank PLAYFULLTWINK for this interview. It had been a while since my article about him was published. After publishing the article, I sent him my questions, but no answers arrived. However, this morning I found his message with answers in my mail! I am happy he agreed to share his little secrets with us!

Secondly, I congratulate PLAYFULLTWINK on moving from New Queer Twitter Performer to Incoming Queer Twitter Performer.

PLAYFULLTWINKPersonal Information
Sexual PreferenceGay
Preferred Sexual Role Versatile – ” I love being bottom with daddy and top With other twinks, so my answer would be Versatile”

PLAYFUL TWINK – The Interview with Hot Latino Twink

When did you join the gay content-producing scene?

Two years ago

Have you worked for any professional gay porn studios?

No, I do it with Daddy just for fun and self-amateur production

Click to view the clip
Click to view the clip

If you did not work for any professional gay porn studios – would you like to try that?

No, I am not currently interested In it

How did you find partners for collaboration?

I ask my daddy if they like the boy, and we look for his contact with other creators to invite them to join us for fun!

What is your relationship with the “daddy”?

We are a couple

How did you meet @willowtwink?

I hear about him because of a manager’s recommendation (Lightbox Productions)

Twitter is proving to be the best (and most liberal) platform for promoting gay and queer content. However, it has changed the ownership, and there are possible changes coming. How concerned are you about losing an opportunity to freely promote your content?

It’s a really big deal about Twitter changes, but there are plenty of social media platforms to promote, and when one gets ruined as Twitter was, another one rises up fast, so I am not really concerned about it… Internet will provide

Do you use any other social media platform for promoting your content? If you do – what media do you use?

I use tiktok, instagram and twitter.

What equipment (camera or phone…) do you use for making your content?

I use my phone and some leads as light if there is no daylight.

How posting gay porn content on social media affects your relationship (if any)?

Well, it doesn’t because we work together

How would you describe your ideal partner for collaboration?

Just people who don’t see this as work but as fun

Click to view the clip
Click to view the clip

How would you describe your ideal partner for a relationship?

I only need a daddy

What is your profession/occupation?

I am a waiter

Are you part of the gay sex service industry?

No, I am not!

That is it, for now, folks! It is time to finish this interview. I would like to thank PLAYFULLTWINK one more time for this interview. Let’s all wish him and his daddy happiness, luck and success.

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