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Is this German gay bottom boy ready for…

This German gay bottom boy is a perfect bottom boy. I see @xjonkuch as an Incoming Star Queer Twitter Performer. What do you think?

German gay bottom boy with Twitter @xjonkuch is in my focus today. Once you see photos of this young beauty, you will agree with me that he is beautiful. If you disagree with my (mostly) fantasies about this gay boy, please explain why that is so. The comments box is there to be used.

Do I know @xjonkuch personally? I wish I do, but unfortunately, it is not the case. Do you know him? If you know him, please share it with me. I would appreciate it. I am sure that readers of this site would enjoy it too. Let’s start from the basic stuff as what is his name. I will be guessing here, but it is probably something similar to Jon. I intend to contact him and ask.

@xjonkuch fits in my standards for being the “perfect bottom”. First, he seems to be bottom strictly. It does make a difference. At least as per my experience. Second, he is naturally smooth. That makes him a step closer to having that tiny bit of a feminine streak. Is he feminine? I don’t know. Third, he has a beautiful slim body.

Why is the German bottom gay boy hiding his cock?

I don’t know the answer to that question. Going through all available photos and video clips on his profile, I failed to find one showing his cock. Those closest to showing it are all showing him covering it with his hand, which is not erect. Is there a reason for this hiding of his cock? No, I don’t know that either. I suspect someone has told him it might be an excellent way to market his OnlyFans account. I hope to be able to ask him.

Don’t you love the sound of his moaning?

@xjonkuch has posted some video clips of having anal sex. He is not indicating who that partner might be. All clips are in a “doggy style”. I hope he enjoys being violated in other positions, including my favourite – the missionary one.

German gay bottom boy has just over 81 thousand followers on Twitter. That makes him an Incoming Star Queer Twitter performer on Gay News Portal Network. I think he deserves much more than that. Find him on Twitter and follow him. Let’s make him Queer Twitter Influencer (at least 100 thousand followers)! He is better than that! I would warmly suggest checking him out on his OnlyFans. That must be the real deal!

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