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Penis Pumps! How to use them? Part 1

Through the ages, penis size and the ability to get a hard erection have been associated with strength, fertility, and virility

You’d be surprised by the extent to which some men go to increase the size of their penis.

In Brazil, the Topinama men dangle their penises at poisonous snakes, hoping a bite will result in a larger penis. Similarly, the Sadhus in India hang weights on their penises to force them to elongate.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to go to such extreme and risky measures. The right penis pump will meet your needs safely and effectively.

You’ve probably already seen the wide variety of penis pumps out there and are wondering how to choose the right one for your penis.

Wonder no more, because I am about to tell you how to choose a penis pump. The right size, cost, grip, and feel for you.

The Proper Penis Pump Size

If men could choose their ideal penis size, many would go for the biggest available.

Selecting the extra-large penis pump is an excellent way of boosting your ego. But if it’s the wrong size for your penis, it won’t help you much.

Selecting the right size will help you achieve your desired results faster.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Pump Size

If you buy a penis pump that’s too large, it may not fit tight enough to generate the vacuum necessary for enlarging. If you manage to hold a big pump tight, it may generate too much pressure, which could cause significant discomfort and even harm your penis.

Expert note: If a penis pump sucks your balls towards the cylinder, it’s definitely too big.

Meanwhile, if you buy a pump that’s too small, it may bruise your penis and cause discomfort.

The primary idea for using a pump—besides giving you a hard erection—is to give you a pleasurable feeling, which explains why some men love to use the penis pump together with sex toys for self-pleasure.

Think of purchasing a penis pump this way: it’s like buying shoes. If you get the wrong size, the shoes become useless.

Unlike shoes, however, you can’t return a penis pump if you don’t choose the right type and size. I guess it is not very practical to explore your penis while in a shop. Here is what do you need to measure and how to do it.

An excellent way of finding out the appropriate pump size for you is to know your penis size.

Measuring the Length of Your Penis

At some stage in life, you must have tried measuring your penis. Perhaps you even noted varying measurements every time (particularly for a flaccid penis).

The length of your flaccid penis will not help much, since its length depends on temperature.

You’ll have to determine the length of your pride and joy while it’s erect so you can achieve a precise and consistent measurement.

The following steps will guide you towards an accurate measurement.

Step #1: Position a ruler at the base of your penis—the point where it joins the groin.

Step #2: Press the ruler slightly to compensate for pubic hair or fat around the region.

Step #3: Place a mark at the point where the tip of your penis touches the ruler and determine the measurement.

Expert tip: If you have a curved penis, use a piece of paper or string to determine its length. You can then compare this length to the ruler to determine the inch measurement. A tape measure also makes it easier to measure a curved penis.

Measuring the Girth of Your Penis

If you look at your erect penis, you’ll notice that it’s not a perfect cylinder. Some men have a thicker penis head, while others have a narrower one.

If you want to determine the average circumference of your penis, you’ll have to measure the middle area where the girth is most consistent.

The following steps will help you determine the thickness of your penis.

Step #1: First, you should know that using a ruler to measure your girth can be challenging due to the fact that you’re measuring around the penis. Thus, you’ll need to use a piece of paper, string, or tape measure for this step.

Step #2: Gently wrap your string, piece of paper, or tape measure around the thickest part of your shaft

Step # 3: Take note of the point where the measuring device meets—that’s the measurement you seek. If you’re using a piece of paper or string, straighten it after marking the measurements and measure it against a ruler.

Note that the length of your erect penis can also vary, depending on:

  • The level of your arousal
  • The frequency of sexual activity
  • Fatigue
  • Stress

Thus, you may need to carry out several measurements a few times a day, or even for several days, to determine your average size.

Selecting the Penis Pump of the Appropriate Size will be covered in the next article coming soon.

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