Are you celebrating International Masturbation Day?

It may not be a national holiday, but it probably should be

Did you know that 28 May is the International Masturbation Day?

International Masturbation Day is a thing, and we’ve been putting in daily practice to ensure that we’re always ready to celebrate.

Some people declare the entire month of May as a month of masturbation, but if you’re a purist you’ll know that 28 May is the day that we celebrate International Masturbation Day.

This is the kind of important occasion that can be celebrated as a couple, with friends, with people you don’t know, or just by yourself.

But you don’t need to limit yourself. In a world of abundance, you can make every day a masturbation milestone worth celebrating.

Masturbating is awesome.

Grease up and let’s get to grips with this important topic.

Does masturbation boost your immune system?

We’re still doing a lot of research on this subject, but there are some indications that regularly masturbating could have some benefits in boosting your immune system. Good news, right?

Sure, washing your hands is still important, but it seems clear that a lot of our problems could be solved with more masturbation.

Who said science wasn’t sexy? What do you think about this? Please let me know in the “comments” box below.

How does masturbation boost your immune system?

Masturbation undoubtedly gets the blood pumping. It also gets every part of your body fired up. Getting aroused, stimulating yourself through masturbation, and then reaching orgasm brings into play parts of your body that might otherwise be kicking back and taking a bit of a nap.

The roller-coaster of pleasure that you get from getting yourself off delivers a natural boost to your body’s cortisol levels. This helps to keep your immune system working effectively. So, don’t be shy, start masturbating now!

What other health benefits does masturbation have?

It’s not just your immune system that benefits from your regular masturbation sessions. There’s actually loads of reasons you that having a bit of quality me-time is good for your health.

Mental Health

Masturbation delivers your body a boost of endorphins through the bloodstream. These endorphins can help you to tackle depression and anxiety.

It’s also a great stress-relief strategy. If you’ve had a difficult day and finding it hard to switch off, find a quiet space and treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation technique.

Some studies have also shown that masturbation can help boost your self-esteem. The science behind that claim isn’t exactly clear, but if you’re relaxed, not feeling stressed, and you’re anxiety is under control, then it makes a fair bit of sense that you’re giving yourself the head-space to feel good about yourself.

Prostate Cancer

Masturbation stimulates your prostate gland – even if you’re not specifically targeting it with a toy or a dildo. If your prostate is active, you’re less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Blood Pressure

Embracing a bit of self-love has also been shown to help lower your blood pressure.

Honestly, it’s a total no-brainier. Schedule some regular me-time and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Some of your questions answered

Masturbation — How Does It Affect Your Health?

Tips to make your bate sessions better!

If you want some tips for making your bate sessions better, I will be publishing them soon. Stay tuned and keep masturbating!

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