Max Lorde, Let’s make him Queer X Superstar now

Max Lorde – Gay Porn Actor & Queer X Influencer that should be Queer X Superstar

Max Lorde is a gay porn actor and pure bottom. With 188.4 thousand followers on X, he is Queer X Influencer. It takes 250 thousand followers to become Queer X Superstar. Max deserves even more than that! If you are gay top, then you will undoubtedly follow him! He loves being fucked in any position, gentle or rough; you name it, he likes it. Let’s see what we can learn about him. I guarantee you getting horny from the very first moment with him.

Professional adult entertainment and gay porn actor short profile

Max Lorde might be willing to engage in hot sex scenes in front of cameras, but he seem to be protecting his privacy quite effectively. All my attempts to find information about him were rather unsuccessful. However, there are bits and pieces available. I will share it with you here.

Max started his career as a professional gay porn actor in 2020. He is a Canadian residing in Los Angeles, CA. Max Lorde is a gay adult content creator posting on several independent social media platforms. You can find him on OnlyFans and 4myfans. I will post a link to his X profile page – from there, you can follow all other links.

Imodium Twink #imodiumtwunk – Max Lorde

Speaking of viral moments, adult entertainer Max Lorde has taken over gay Twitter (now X) during an interview on the GayVN red carpet.

When asked about bottoming tips, the porn star revealed that he takes 10 (yes… TEN) Imodium tablets before his X-rated shoots. He also revealed that he douches for two hours before bottoming on camera.

Since that clip has made its rounds on social media, Lorde is now saying that other porn stars are starting to distance themselves from the adult entertainer.

“Some people are blocking me. Some people are talking bad about me,” Lorde says. “If you read the package label on Imodium, you can take up to 16 milligrams a day. That’s eight tablets. I’m only two off!”

Max Lorde for PRIDE

Although some people haven’t been too kind, the star has also received a lot of positive messages checking in on his health.