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Gay buddies cruising in the local gym – Gay sweaty sex and excitement – Des Irez and Michael Flex

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Actors: Des Irez and Michael Flex

Categories: Anal Sex, Hardcore, Latino, Muscular, Oral, Flip Fuck

des irez porn

Des Irez was born in February 1996. The Latino boy from Florida. He started his porn acting career in 2021, performing in 46 porn videos for various studios. Des Irez is versatile.

Michael flex porn

I could not find any personal information about Michael Flex in the public domain. He joined the professional porn circle in 2022 and participated in the production of 7 porn videos. Michael is versatile

gym crush cruising – the storyline

Des Irez has been checking out Michael Flex working out at the gym and is ready to make his move. After some flirting, he seals the deal, and they set up a hot post-workout fuck!

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