New Queer Interview – Baby Colombian Exclusive!

Exclusive – Baby Colombian – Let’s get horny!

Let’s get horny with Baby Colombian!

It is no secret that Baby Colombian is one of my favourite queer content creators posting on Twitter. I posted an article about him some time ago and asked him for an interview. Unfortunately, I got no response. That is not unusual. It happens more often than not. However, I am very excited that Baby Colombian responded to my request for an interview. Let’s see what our Queer Twitter Influencer can tell us about himself.

Baby Colombian Profile

Baby ColombianPersonal Info
Date of BirthOctober 2003
EthnicitySuper Latino
Weight50Kg – Maybe even less
Sexual PreferenceI am a curious gay
Preferred sexual roleVersatile but mostly Bottom

When did you join the gay adult content-producing scene?

At 18. It was through a friend

Have you worked for any professional gay porn studios?

I have never worked for a porn studio

Would you be interested in working for a porn studio?

It depends on the production company and what they offer in terms of benefits, you know. If not, I prefer to do it on my own.

How did you find partners for collaborations?

Most of the guys reached out to collaborate, and I agreed since I was new to this. Now I’m looking for someone to film with because it can turn out better.

Twitter is proving to be the best (and most liberal) platform for promoting gay and queer content. However, it has changed ownership, and possible changes are coming. How concerned are you about losing the opportunity to promote your content freely?

Honestly, I’m concerned about the new X regulations and such, but I’m calm. If people like what they see, they’ll seek it out, haha.

Do you use any other social media platform for promoting your content? If you do – what media do you use?

I use Instagram, but in a more discreet way, and Telegram; those are my only two external social networks apart from this one.

What equipment (camera or phone…) does Baby Colombian use for making your content?

I always recorded with my phone; only one was done with a camera. It doesn’t affect me; it’s who I am. And it has to look good on camera to work for collaboration.

How posting gay porn content on social media affects your relationship (if any)?

You could say yes and no.

What is your profession/occupation Baby Colombian?

I’m a performer, a dancer, and a model. I also love design and everything related to art and politics.

Are you part of the gay sex service industry?

No, I’m not part of it, but I used to be.

Is there anything you would like to say to your followers?

I want to express my gratitude for the support and encouragement, especially for the financial assistance that could change my life and provide me with financial independence, as well as for the compliments and positive vibes!

Unfortunately, all nice things and pleasures have an end. So, does this interview. The interview was conducted via the Internet. I wish I could do it in person. However, I will publish my judgement – something I usually don’t do after interviews.

I am impressed with several things regarding Baby Colombian. Apart from his stunning look (I love Latino slim and smooth-bottom boys, and I am not hiding it), he demonstrated that youthful happiness and optimism can mix with maturity. Gee, if I am younger, I would love to have him as my boyfriend. Baby Colombian is more than just a good-looking, sexy Latino gay boy. He is a decent young man with clear goals and vision for his future. I salute him!

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