New Nude, Slim, Smooth, Blonde Aussie Boy Beaut

He is slim, smooth and blonde Aussie Boy Beauty. Being nude is his lifestyle. Who is Jmills (@Jmills90_)?

Regular readers of these pages know that I like slim and smooth boys. A blonde Aussie boy’s beauty would be a bonus. If he happens to be the bottom queer boy, then we would be able to talk about the perfect match. Jmills (@Jmills90_) is a slim, smooth and blonde Aussie boy beauty. Is he an Aussie surfer? I don’t know, but I don’t think he is. He loves the beach and being nude. That is for sure.

Who is Jmills (@Jmills90_)?

Unfortunately, I don’t know him personally. However, I have followed his Twitter profile for quite some time now and will dare to make some guesses. With 19.5 thousand followers on Twitter, Jmills is Incoming Queer Twitter Star Performer. I am sure you will agree that he deserves many more followers. Also, I am confident you will become his follower after checking his Twitter Profile Page. We can push the number of his followers to over 100 thousand and make him Queer Twitter Influencer!

Is Jmills professional photo model? He certainly posed for some hot photos by Brenton Parry Design and Photography Studio. However, I don’t think he is modelling for living. Another guess of mine would be that mentioned studio is in Sydney – residential address of slim, smooth and blonde Aussie beauty boy.

I can continue with my guesses and place Jmills somewhere on Sydney northern beaches. However, I am not a great beach-goer and am probably completely wrong.

Does he have a boyfriend? I am sure that beautiful slim, smooth and blonde Aussie have no problems in finding partner(s). However, I am not even sure if he is gay!

Link to Jmills (@Jmills90_) on Twitter

I am going to stop guessing. It is the best way to stop making a fool out of myself. Here is the plan. You follow the link (the button below) to Jmills’ Twitter Profile Page and check it out. Then, you decide if you going to join the list of his followers. The link to his OnlyFans account is on his profile page. I will send the link to this article to Jmills and ask for an interview. Let’s see if he would be nice slim, smooth and blonde Aussie boy beauty with no more secrets.