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Max Lorde – Spank me before you fuck me

Max Lorde – Fair-skinned bottom gay boy that likes being spanked before you fuck him. Queer Twitter Influencer

Max Lorde - gay porn actor and content creator - nude photo
Spank me before you fuck me

Max Lorde is the latest gay porn content creator and actor/performer that got my attention. I like my bottoms to be slim and smooth. There is something in his fair-skinned appearance that makes me horny. Let me know if you have similar preferences. Max Lord will ask you to spank him before you fuck him. I would have no problems with that. Would you?

I wish I know Max Lorde better than I do. My ultimate desire would be to know him up close and personal. And as deep as it would go. Don’t tell me you disagree with me! If you disagree with me, please explain it in the comments box. Yes, I challenge you!

Do you spank your bottom boy before you fuck him? I rarely do. However, I often spunk him while I fuck him. I must say that I am relatively gentle, and my domination in the bedroom does not depend on doing anything rough.

Max Lorde - gay porn actor and content creator - nude photo - outdoors
Nude photo of Max Lorde fair skinned gay bottom boy

I researched before publishing this article and found some information regarding Max Lorde’s presence in the gay porn scene and industry. Max Lorde is bottom, and most of his roles played for professional gay porn sites were in that role. His gay porn career started in 2020, and he participated in 76 projects. That boy loves being fucked! Where did I find this information? For those curious, here is the link. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Max Lorde is an Army Vet and “the best Big/Lil bro you’ve ever had”

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