@theBeeBOi is New Incoming Queer Performer

@theBeeBOi is my new Incoming Queer Twitter Performer

Do you know @theBeeBOi by any chance? If you do, then I would like to hear from you. He is our newest Incoming Queer Twitter Performer. If you are not comfortable with using the comments box, then you can contact me on


Why did I choose him as the newest Incoming Queer Twitter Performer? I had no particular reason. He came up on my radar and I sort of liked his profile. However, his profile on Twitter did not get much information about him. In any case, I think he deserves more attention than what he is getting at the moment.

@theBeeBOi is British, 6′ tall, and according to his profile “either skating or playin games”. In appearance, he looks young – might even be in his late teens or probably very early twenties. @theBeeBOi has a very nice (by my standards) slim and smooth body, trimmed pubic hair and more prominent than an average cock.

Link to Video Clip on Twitter
Link to Video Clip on Twitter

@theBeeBOi has only 26.4 thousand followers on Twitter. He managed that number to grow to the current level since October, 2021 when he joined Twitter. I honestly believe that he deserves to have many more followers. Do you agree with me? If you do, then go to his Twitter profile (link is below), check it out and click on the magic “follow” button.

Questions without answers

There are many things I would like to ask him. Do you have any questions for @theBeeBOi? I might talk him into a short interview and get his answers.

That is all I can tell you about @theBeeBOi folks. I wish I know more. Is the top or bottom? Frankly, I could not determine that based on his photos and video clips presented on his profile. @theBeeBOi has not posted any photos or video clips featuring possible collaborators. Except in one case. Is that his boyfriend or just a fuck-buddy? I don’t know

@theBeeBOi – queer content on Twitter

@theBeeBOi – Twitter profile link

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