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Is Alfonso Osnaya the hottest Latino gay bottom

Alfonso Osnaya is a gay porn star in the making! This Latino gay boy is one of the hottest-bottom boys on the gay porn scene. Is he the hottest? It will be up to you

I will be honest with you – Alfonso Osnaya is one of the favourite gay bottom boys in my mind. Alfonso has only one hundred thirty-two thousand followers on Twitter. I can only explain that a lack of marketing may be because he does not need to market himself. Ask any professional gay porn studio, and they will tell you that Alfonso Osnaya is an asset everyone in the gay porn industry would love to have.

What do I know about Alfonso Osnaya? Not much. Let me share it with you here. Alfonso is a 5’10” (178 cm) tall pocket rocket American Latino gay bottom sex bomb. I am unsure when he started showing his natural beauty on his OnlyFans platform. However, it has been recorded that he joined the gay porn industry in 2021 and participated in fifty-two projects. Only four times he acted as a gay top and two as a versatile. In all other projects, Alfonso Osnaya was a gay bottom. And one of the best of them all.

Alfonso Osnaya - gay porn actor profile

Queer Twitter Influencer

I am absolutely convinced that Alfonso deserves many more followers on Twitter than their current number. Go to his Twitter account, check the content and I am sure you will click on that “follow” button.

Let me name some of the gay porn studios that had the privilege to have Alfonso Osnaya as their performer. The list is impressive and goes from Say Uncle, Lucas Entertainment, and Fucker Mate to Raw Alfa Males, Hot House, Raging Stallion and more! Maybe you would like to check some reviews of gay porn videos showing Alfonso Osnaya here.

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