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Shane Cook, with 172 thousand Twitter followers, is Queer Twitter Influencer

Shane Cook is my guest today here on Gay News Portal. He is currently holding the title of a Queer Twitter Influencer. However, I expect him to become our next Queer Twitter Superstar soon. I am convinced you will help him achieve that by following him on Twitter after this article. We can do it together!

What made me check Twitter profile page of Shane Cook? I came across a gay porn video review on the Gay Links site just this morning. It was a review of a video titled “Under the Influencer” featuring Shane Cook and Evan Knoxx. As a member of the Raging Stallion site, I downloaded the video and just finished watching it. It is not the first gay porn video featuring Shane Cook that I have seen. However, that one inspired me to write this article.

Shane Cook
Shane Cook Profile
BirthdaySeptember, 1995
BirthplaceCanton, MO, USA
Height5’11” (180cm)
Weight169 lbs. (77kg)
Preferred Sexual RoleTop
Professional porn actor since2017
Number of porn titles58

Shane Cook is currently the nominee for FAVOURITE COCK by STRAIGHTUPGAYPORN Awards – Maybe you should vote for him after this article. I am sure he would appreciate it.

Shane’s Queer Twitter content

Shane made his first steps as a gay porn actor in 2017, at 22, for Helix Studios. He performed for numerous other studios and gay porn distributors since then. Shane Cook also actively posts his queer porn content on the OnlyFans platform. I am not sure what is available on that platform. However, if you like his profile, you might be willing to check it out yourself.

Link to Shane Cook Twitter Profile

What else do I know about Shane Cook? Not much, I am afraid. Do you know more about him? I will try to contact Shane and ask for a short interview with him. You are invited to suggest some questions for him. You can send them on the following email:


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