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Jkab Ethan Dale is New Queer Twitter Superstar

Who is Jkab Ethan Dale, beautiful Asian gay bottom from California and Queer Twitter Superstar

Gentlemen, I am pleased to present today Jkab Ethan Dale, the new Queer Twitter Superstar by Gay News Portal Network. Getting 313 thousand (and counting) followers on Twitter is not easy. Unless you are incredibly sexy and know how to attract followers, I suspect that Jkab Ethan Dale is even more successful in attracting hot tops in his bed. Who is Jkab Ethan Dale? Stay with me, and you will find out.

Jkab Ethan Dale porn
Jkab Ethan Dale

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Jkab Ethan Dale Profile
BirthdayMay, 1982
Height5’6″ (168cm)
Weight134 lbs. (61kg)
Preferred Sexual RoleVersatile Bottom

Jkab Ethan Dale made his first steps in the gay porn industry in 2011. However, he left the industry the same year and returned after ten years. He performed in 23 gay porn videos/photoshoots/compilations since then. I am curious to find out why he was absent for ten years. Do you know anything about that?

Dale – Queer Twitter Superstar

I don’t know why Jkab Ethan Dale was absent from the professional gay porn scene for ten years, but I know he has been very active on that scene in the past couple of years. Dale performed only one project in 2011. It was for It was not sexual engagement (I am guessing only, as I have not seen the product). His next role was in 2021 for as a gay top guy. However, that is one out of only two roles as a top. Jkab Ethan Dale performed as a gay bottom boy in all other roles.

After scrolling down Jkab Ethan Dale’s Twitter profile, I dare to make several conclusions. As every able body, Dale is perfectly fit to be gay top and I have found a couple of photos and video clips proving that. However, Jkab Ethan Dale is a natural Asian gay bottom boy. He loves sex and enjoys being topped.

Let me make two suggestions at the end of this article. First, visit his Twitter profile and click the “follow” button. He deserves it. The second would be to vote for him for awards. I have already done this.

I hope to find more information about this hot, smooth, athletic, and sexy Asian gay bottom boy. How did I “discover” this Asian gay porn superstar? I recently watched one gay porn titled “Trade Show” after reading the review by It is one of the late productions by Falcon Studios. Jkab Ethan Dale is bottoming for Andre Donovan, one of our Queer Twitter Influencers on the Gay News Portal Network.

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