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Cyrus Stark – The boy with cum in his eye

“can’t see the haters bc i got cum in my eyes” is the heading on Cyrus Stark Twitter Profile Page

Cyrus Stark profile as a gay porn actor

Cyrus Stark has 12.3 thousand followers on Twitter. I suspect the main reason for that is a possible suspension of the original Twitter account. That is my guess, however. As such, Cyrus Stark is the newest addition to the New Queer Twitter Performer title. Who is Cyrus Stark – the boy with cum in his eyes. What is his profile on Twitter?

Cyrus Stark
BirthplacePortland, Oregon (USA)
Height5’10” (178cm)
Preferred sexual roleVersatile

Please Note: The above information has been collected from several sources on the Internet. Some sections might be inaccurate. Some sites claim that Cyrus Stark is uncut. However, that is obviously not the case. Unless he got circumcised recently, which I doubt. Any correction is welcome, as long as it can be verified.

Gay porn actor Cyrus Stark - profile
Cyrus Stark

What made me look for and find Cyrus Stark on Twitter? I don’t know how I managed not to notice him long ago. He is handsome. In my fantasies, he would perfectly fit into a role of a bitchy bottom. That is a product of my first impressions. I was reading a gay porn review for “The Dick Down”, a gay porn video produced by the Hot House Studio. Cyrus plays in that video, and I was impressed with his look and acting. I suggest checking it out for yourselves. You will love it.

Rough first steps on the gay porn scene

According to an article in Str8upgayporn, he was “tricked” and sexually abused by director Paul Wagner during a photoshoot for in 2019. That is the year when Cyrus joined the gay porn industry and participated in two projects. One for and one for

Gay porn newcomer Cyrus Stark is appearing in his first gay porn scene for today. Still, after reading Stark’s disturbing complaint about his experience filming this scene, it’s clear that he won’t be returning to work for the studio anytime soon.

This incident indicates that Cyrus Stark is someone who is prepared to stand up for himself. I think I would love his character and company as much as I like his appearance. Good on you, Cyrus!

Did you like what you saw and heard so far? If you did, please go to Cyrus’s Twitter Profile and click the “follow” button! Get some great pleasure for free and get to know the growing star. Let’s make Cyrus Stark our next Queer Twitter Superstar – he needs 250 thousand followers for that. For that attractive bitchy boy, it is easily reachable. Let’s do it!

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