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PlayfullTwink (@playfull_twink) is New Queer Twitter Performer on Gay News Portal

PlayfullTwink popped on my radar screen when browsing Twitter this morning. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very hard to find potential New Queer Twitter Performer these days. I don’t know what is the reason for that. Anyhow, I found one, and I want to share his profile with you. He is trying to please his gay daddy. He might not be the only one.

For new readers on this site, this is how it works. New Queer Twitter Performer is any gay and/or queer adult content creator and performer posting on Twitter. It is very easy to become one. Anyone between 1 and 15 thousand followers qualifies. If your profile is sexy, queer and interesting.

Please enter my boy pussy Daddy

For all readers: Do you have the profile on Twitter and want it to appear on Gay News Portal? Do you want to suggest a Twitter profile to be published here? If the answers are “YES”, then please contact on:


Who is New Queer Twitter Performer, PLAYFULLTWINK (@playfull_twink)? Who is his gay daddy?

As usual, I don’t know the correct answer. I can make some guesses based on his postings on Twitter. Another option is to contact him and try to arrange a short interview. Are you interested in finding out who @playfull_twink is? I am sure you are! In the meantime, please check his (currently rather short) Twitter profile; if you like what you can see there, hit that “follow” button. Let’s push him over 15 thousand followers and “promote” him to the next level – Incoming STAR Queer Twitter Performer.

PLAYFULLTWINK seem to be sharing his gay daddy with at least one other twink—possibly two others. Yum! I would love to be a gay daddy in that scenario. I am older than the one whose photo is posted. Therefore, I might be more suitable for that role. Hey, I am willing to collaborate, boys!

PLAYFULLTWINK is a gay bottom boy. Now, that sounds perfect. I am also sure that I have written something about one of the other twinks appearing. It was a while ago and on a different site. Wow, the world is so small on the Internet.

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