New Queer Twitter Performer – Skinny Kinks

Skinny Kinks – @skinnykinks – New Queer Twitter Performer – The Dutch gay boy hiding his face

Skinny Kinks – @skinnykinks – is the newest New Queer Twitter Performer group addition. It is a shame that he appears to be a gay top boy. If @skinnykinks is a bottom, he would be my favourite gay bottom boy. I love them like that – skinny and smooth. However, as I said, he seems to be the top. Maybe he would consider changing. Who knows?

With 12.5 thousand followers on Twitter, Skinny Kinks – @skinnykinks – is the new queer Twitter performer. He is young and fresh to this trade. However, I am keen to see him progress to higher levels rapidly. You can help! I will leave the link to his Twitter Profile at the bottom of this article. All I am asking you to do is to check his profile and make your own decision about clicking that “follow” button. I am convinced that all of you will do that. Thank you in advance for it.

@skinnykinks – Gentle, dominant, Dutch. Boyfriend and dom to @Slave_kirby

One more bad news – he is taken. Skinny Kinks is a dominant partner and boyfriend to @Slave_kirby. What can I say? @Slave_kirby is a lucky partner. I wish them both good luck.

Skinny Kinks made me break one of my rules regarding the choice of Queer Twitter performers to be presented here. The rule (unwritten, though) is to present only queer performers that show their faces. Well, Skinny Kinks – @skinnykinks – at least on his Twitter pages is hiding his face. I don’t know,t I am prepared to ignore it this time. Otherwise, I expect queer content creators to show their faces. Skinny Kinks is one of the queer content creators posting

Do you like kinky gay boys? If you do, then Skinny Kinks is one for you. He wears a cock cage and sometimes skirts. Skinny Kinks love feeling a vibrator massaging his prostate or vibrating his cock. I am sure he is a great fan.

Skinny Kinks – @skinnykinks – Twitter Profile Link

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