Tristan Hunter is Queer Twitter Influencer

Tristan Hunter – from Cocky boy to Hot House and OnlyFans is Queer Twitter Influencer

Tristan Hunter is one of the biggest names in gay porn industry. His talents and good look were noticed by several gay porn studios and he performed in various productions for them. With 112.5 thousand followers on Twitter he is our Queer Twitter Influencer by Gay News Portal Network standards.

Do you know Tristan Hunter? What do we know about him? Let’s go through some reviews

Tristan Hunter - gay porn star - explicit scene - oral sex - sequence from "Scrum - Go Big or Go Home" video produced by Hot House

“Scrum – Go Big or Go Home”

Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd start things off with an intense flip-fuck. That leaves both musclemen breathless and sweat-covered. What about men stripping in a locker room that is almost a kink in and of itself? The two players shuck their uniforms post-game and jump in the showers. The flirtatious jockstrap snapping, and butt slapping begins almost immediately as the game’s energy must have carried them off the field.

Tristan Hunter - gay porn star - explicit scene - group anal gay sex - sequence from "Scrum - Go Big or Go Home" video produced by Hot House

Rubbing each other’s rigid bodies and trading some sucking action leads them back to the bench, where Todd proceeds to lube Hunter up and plunge into his tight hole with incredible energy as his buddy begs for more. But these are two versatile studs, and Todd loves cock as much as Hunter, so he lays back and spreads his legs for Hunter to the rim. Properly prepped, Hunter shoves his cock in, Todd’s delighted exclamations ringing off the tiled walls.

Going back and forth is a hallmark of flip-fucking, rather than simply one top, then the other. Hunter pulls out of Todd and climbs onto Todd’s still rock-hard meat for some more ass stretching until Todd moves him to his back, his well-defined muscles straining and flexing and covered in sweat until he shoots his cream over Hunter’s torso before shoving himself back in to breed his hole as he blows his load. Stunning.

Review for Hot House video “Scrum – Go Big or Go Home”

Tristan Hunter in Get Funk’d

Poolside, it seems to be a common occurrence in this place that float makes one horny. Tristan Hunter and Isaiah Taye are just as susceptible as everyone else. Eyeing each other over the water, they take their wandering hands and mouths to the outside shower, where Hunter is treated so some serious Cock sucking that is dutiful and loving before Taye is bent over and slammed from behind. The shower is equipped with a window with a viewer, and what a view it is, inside and out as his ass is used up, down, and all around.

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