Ben Masters – A Good Boy doing bad things

Ben Masters – Our Queer Twitter Influencer. Who is that good boy doing bad things?

Let’s look at Ben Masters and his Twitter profile and content! Our “good boy doing bad things” is comfortably one of the Queer Twitter Influencers. What are his secrets?

Well, I don’t know the secret of his unquestionable popularity. However, I can try to look at his posts and make some conclusions based on that. If anyone reading this article knows more about Ben Masters, please share it with other readers and me. Everyone will appreciate that.

Some things seem to be quite obvious, though. First is – he is a very attractive young gay guy. That alone would bring him numerous followers on Twitter and his OnlyFans account. Do we all agree on this? I am sure we do. Apart from his slim and smooth body, I like his smile – it is natural, warm and cheeky.

A natural and warm smile is fundamental to starting and having good communication. The camera likes Ben Masters because he does not look at the lens but rather at the person behind it. Our queer newcomers in making porn content and content, in general, should pay attention to that. It isn’t enjoyable seeing some guys unnaturally looking at the camera. It feels like you are with a hot escort, but he is looking at his watch as you are fucking him. Telling you how boring you are. However, one should not forget that you are the c*** that writes the check.

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What makes a good queer porn content producer?

There is no straight answer to that question. Well, there is no queer answer to that either. Anyone spending more than five minutes in marketing would tell you every product has a buyer. It is about hitting the right note with most of the potential buyers. Ben Masters has ingredients that make him famous. What if I contact him and ask for an interview? That would be interesting.

Another thing that I am almost sure of about Ben Masters is that he is a bottom gay boy. He loves the feeling as if a cock is violating his gracious body. Ben seems to be collaborating with several different guys. This good boy doing bad things certainly knows how it should be done.

Ben Masters in front of camera

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