New Queer Interview – Matty & Aiden Interview

Exclusive Queers Interview with Matty and Aiden

Matty & Aiden – Twink Gay Couple Porn Artists

Matty and Aiden were my Incoming Queer Twitter Performers who I presented here two weeks ago. I sent them links to the article about their Twitter profile and asked for an interview. My readers and I are grateful that this sexy gay twink couple, Matty and Aiden, agreed to share some of their secrets. Here is the interview with them in full.

Let’s get horny together!

Personal InfoMattyAiden
BirthdayAugust 1999May 2001
Weight50 kg60 kg
Cock Size17cm15cm
Sexual PreferenceGayGay
Sexual Role*BottomTop

We do anal sex not very often. We prefer blowjobs more. But when we did anal sex, usually Matty was bottom, and Aiden was top.

Matty & Aiden

When did you join the queer and gay content-producing scene?

We started making our content in the summer of 2020

Have you worked for any professional gay porn studios?

We only filmed our homemade content for studios a couple of times. No, we were never filmed professionally in a studio.

If you did not work for any professional gay porn studios – would you like to try that?

We don’t really want to try that. Yes, we know it can be a good promotional opportunity, but we don’t like the conditions studios suggest for models. Filming our own content is better for us.

If you work for professional gay porn studios – what is the difference between them and creating and promoting your own stuff on OnlyFans?

We haven’t worked in studios, but we know the difference. When you film for your own accounts you are free to film what you want and what you are comfortable filming. When you film in studios you must do what they want.

Have you made any content in collaboration with another queer creator?


Do you use any other social media platform for promoting your queer content? If you do – what media do you use?

Reddit, Telegram, Xhamster, PornHub, Xvideos

What equipment (camera or phone…) do you use for making your content?

We filmed with iPhones 11 and 12 pro max for over 2.5 years. In April 2023, we bought Sony Alpha 7 IV with Tamron 28-75mm.

How would you describe your ideal partner for collaboration?

The person that you are comfortable working and having sex with 🙂

How would you describe your ideal partner for a relationship?

The ideal partner for relationships has 3 aspects. 1) Sexual aspect. You have to be sexually attractive to each other. 2) Mental aspect. When you are comfortable and interesting spend time together. Also, when you have common topics for conversation, common life values and principles. When you both have your separate business and interests as well as common interests. 3) Life aspect. When you both fulfil the agreements given to each other. When you are comfortable living together and solving everyday life tasks and issues.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, we are boyfriends, and we are living together.

What is your profession/occupation?

Now we film gay porn videos and take photos for a living.

Are you part of the gay sex service industry?


Is there anything you would like to say to your queer followers?

Everything we want to say to our followers we say every day on our social media and live sessions.

queer gay twink couple Matty and Aiden interview for gay portal

I would like to thank Matty & Aiden for sharing some of their secrets with my audience and me. Let’s all wish them all the best in their relationship and in general. Please follow the links below to stay in touch with Matty & Aiden and to follow their future creations!