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Gay Couple in love and their travels while enjoying sex and life – Caio & Ian are Queer Twitter Superstars

Today is a special day for my Queer Twitter content creators and performers. Experience love, lust and sex in files created by Caio & Ian. In many ways, I found a gay couple that is the same as my relationship. I love people who love travelling. My partner and I were and still are passionate travellers. Only that in our days, there were no platforms like OnlyFans and the likes. I am not sure that even Twitter was so open then. We rarely took intimate photos together. However, we did from time to time. Very early into our relationship, we did often. Once, I got a “wrong” film to a photo shop for development. I was very embarrassed when the girl in the shop giggled while giving me negatives.

That is why I was so happy to stumble upon Caio & Ian’s account on Twitter. I was also excited to learn about their love for two of my favourite destinations – Bangkok and Istanbul. If they ever get to read this article dedicated to them, I would suggest going to Hanoi and Siem Reap, as well as Prague and Budapest. Just go anywhere you feel like. Travel is the best adventure in life after building a relationship that can last through many temptations.

Who are my today’s heroes?

Caio & Ian reside in Bangkok. I am unsure if that is their permanent residence, but I like their choice. Once you get used to that humidity, everything is beautiful there. It is one of those cities that never sleep. They also state something that sounds very true as well:

The couple like no other on the Internet

Caio & Ian

Their business is – Entertainment and Recreation. I think that they are running a very successful business.

That brings me to a question – Is it classified as porn if a couple records and posts in public their intimate sexual moments together? I don’t know why this question came to my mind. If this is to be called “porn”, I would have it in a particular part. Imagine combining love, mutual lust, sexual attraction and being able to monetise all that pleasure! Wow! I am jealous of you guys! And I admire you so much because of what you are doing.

I am hoping that some other young gay couples might find inspiration in what Caio & Ian are doing. Huge majority of young people around the world would love to taste some of travelling adventure but cannot afford it. If you are not camera shy, try this my dear queers reading this article. What a way!

Some boys juice Do you like smell of a fresh sperm

With over 380 thousand followers on Twitter, Caio & Ian are comfortably in the group of my Queer Twitter Superstars. It is a very impressive number, and few profiles can show that success. However, if you are not already their follower, I suggest you join their admirers on Twitter and other platforms they are posting.

I will try to get an interview with these two gorgeous boys, but I cannot promise they will be interested. Let’s see what happens next.

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