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Checking out Gay Twitter Superstar, Devin Franco

Devin Franco is a very busy guy on the gay porn scene. He is a trendy professional gay porn actor appearing in many studio-produced titles. His activity and popularity do not end there, though. Devin Franco is very busy and popular on social media and other pay-for platforms, mainly oriented to amateur content producers. Not that it is easy to determine where is the boundary between “professional” and “amateur” these days. His content is also displayed on his own porn site.

He lives in Los Angeles and presents himself as a Social Media Influencer on his Twitter profile. With over 368 thousand followers on Twitter, Devin Franco is more than just an influencer. I rate him as a Queer Twitter Superstar. And, indeed, he is the one. He is well sought by many professional gay content studios and queer magazines.

Devin Franco managed to pick some awards in the Gay Porn Scene. One of them was being voted for the best bottom of the year. He is mostly bottoming in his content, but Devin is versatile and performing very well as a top.

What is Devin Franco into?

Some of the answers to this question could be found in a recently published interview with him. You can read it and have a look at some photos if you follow the link below

Devin Franco Interview and Photo Gallery

This side of Devin was unknown to me till recently
Let’s Party

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