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Exclusive! Unlock Caspar – @casparvermont

Exclusive! Interview with Caspar – @casparvermont on Twitter – Unlocking secrets held by this sexy English guy locked in chastity lock

Let’s unlock Caspar! It is my pleasure and privilege to be the first one to publish an interview with one of our selected New Queer Twitter performers.

I would like to thank you for agreeing to this short interview. My first question would be regarding your name. Or the name you would like me to use when addressing you?

Hey! I’m Caspar – @casparvermont on Twitter!

Your profile on Twitter indicates that you are into being locked into a chastity cage. When did you start using cock-cage?

Yeah I’m very much into chastity, it helps me keep me horny and makes me more willing to explore my kink. Plus it looks cute in my opinion. I got my first cage when I was 21

How did you come to try to wear chastity cage?

After watching chastity content online whilst living at home, I got interested (and very turned on) by it. As soon as I moved out, I got on eBay and ordered my first device, a cheap cb6000s. I loved wearing it, especially in public, kinda like a hidden horny secret under my clothes

It might be wrong, but it seems you are the only key-holder. Is that correct?

No you’re correct, I hold my own keys

Would you trust someone else with the keys to your penis?

If the right Keyholder makes an appearance, then yes I would trust them with the keys

Please tell our readers what is the feeling in the early stage of having your cock locked?

The first week or so is always the hardest (literally) but after a while your body does get used to it. Stick with it it does get more bearable i promise!

200 Days locked in Chastity Cage!

What is the most extended time being locked?

The longest I’ve been locked for was just over 200 days. It was during a lockdown, and I didn’t have to deal with it at work. It gave me a fun challenge during covid, something to focus on.

What is the difference between ejaculating while being locked (and not erected) and the “normal” ejaculation?

The sensations are very different! You never really have a full orgasm, it’s more like a small release of pressure then you’re just as horny strait after!

Are you top, bottom or versatile?

I’m a bottom

How long have you been producing pay-for content?

I don’t charge for my content, but I do have a cash app or a buy me a coffee where, if you would like, you could donate money to my kink fund. (Kink gets very expensive)

You seem to be a solo producer. Have you ever collaborated with other producers of similar content?

Yeah I have made content with others in the past. @PupDelius for example. That’s always a fun time

Are you actively looking for collaboration?

Yeah, I am looking for people to collaborate with! Slide into my DMs boys

This is the question I ask regularly and you are free to ignore it (as all other questions, if that matters) but please don’t find it offensive – It is widely believed that quite many gay porn content creators posting on social media are also sex workers. Are you one of them?

No, I’m not a sex worker; I have a full time job that keeps me very busy, I do this in my free time

One more time, I would like to thank you for this interview and to wish you all the best and a lot of fun!

I think that our readers and myself just got ourselves a new friend. His name is Caspar. If anyone would like to ask any other questions, please use the “comments” box and I will ask our new friend to answer them. Maybe this interview will get someone new into being caged. It sounds as a lots of fun.

The best way to communicate with Caspar is to follow him on his Twitter profile. The best way to enlarge our family of Twitter content producers is to share this with your friends and followers.

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