Gay Slaves Apply Within – Master Buck

Our today’s Queer Twitter Influencer is Master Buck from California – Any gay slaves apply within – he is hiring!

Maybe we should use this article to determine what are the differences between a “master” (in supposedly master-slave arrangement) and a “dominant” partner sexually and in terms of a relationship in general. Like everyone else, I will try to look at this issue from my perspective. I believe I am, and I was classified as such by many in the past as being dominant.

However, I have never considered myself a “master” to any of my sex partners and otherwise. I think that quite many people confuse these two arrangements. Can you be dominant but not rough? Can you be dominant but not a “master”? I would appreciate it if you joined the discussion and posted your comments and opinions in the “comments” box.

I will come back to the above question at some other point in time. Let’s look at what is posted under the Twitter account “Master Buck” and find out who is behind that name?

He is our Queer Twitter Influencer

Master Buck has over 68 thousand followers on Twitter. That is quite an impressive number. He comfortably fits in the Queer Twitter Influencers group. Master Buck is tall – according to his profile, he is 6’3″ and weighs 230lbs. It is irrelevant, but many people imagine their master to be tall and robust. Master Buck certainly ticks all boxes as far as that is concerned.

Another thing I have noticed about him is the fact that he does not want to show his face. I can only assume that is the case not only on Twitter but on all platforms he uses to post his content. That is uncommon for similar content producers, but his privacy is his business and must be respected. He is performing with several partners and seems to be looking for new ones. I must admit sharing his taste when choosing partners.

Potential enslaved people, you are invited to apply. In one instance, he is looking for a top willing to show his face! I can only assume that we might see two enslavers and their slaves soon.

Is Master Buck rough?

I have not seen elements of BDSM in his posts. Indeed, that judgement is as individual as most others considering sex. However, if any aspects of BDSM are displayed, they would be regarded as ” soft ” instead of “hardcore”. He is strictly top and prefers rough penetrations, be they oral or anal. I would say Master Buck is “reasonably” wild and not someone who would harm his sexual partner or enslaved person.

Enough of guessing, folks. Let’s share some somewhat graphical works of Master Busk and his sex(y) slaves

Master Buck - gay sex content creator
Ejaculating on your partners face is a standard act of domination

What do you think about Master Buck and his boys? Very soon you will be able to vote for your favorite queer content creators. I will try to get in touch with Master Buck and maybe interview him.

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