Troye Sivan is the Ultimate Queer Superstar

Troye Sivan has been working very hard in the entertainment industry since his early teenage years. He publically spoke about being gay on YouTube at the age of eighteen. Troye Sivan is the ultimate Queer Superstar

Troye Sivan - Rush - scene from video clip

Troye Sivan is one of the biggest queer superstars on this planet today. He was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia and is roaming on streets of LA in the States. As expected, his latest single, “Rush”, is doing exceptionally well. There is no surprise in everyone chasing an interview with a sexy singer. I will be going through one published by MEANS HAPPY.

Finally, we got to see the full track and video for “Rush”. A very effective teaser campaign is over, and the final product is here for everyone to see. First impression? I just loved it. The music is danceable! It is something that is missing too many songs these days, more often than not. The video is of a high professional level. It fully succeeds in bringing to you music a visual delivery. The message is very clear. It can fit in three words: “I am horny”. It is more than enough for any song.

who is troye sivan?

Troye Sivan’s singing career began to take off in 2006 when he was part of a duet performance with the winner of the ‘Australian Idol’ Guy Sebastian. He also made it to the finals of ‘StarSearch 2007.’ Troye then led the performance for ‘We Are the World 25 for Haiti. It was a charity event dedicated to the victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Troye’s initial success as an actor came when he appeared in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine,’ released in 2009. He then starred in a major role in the ‘Spud trilogy. In 2013, he signed with a major Australian label and later released a five-song EP called ‘TRYXE’ in 2014. The lead song from this album, ‘Happy Little Pill,’ became popular and topped the charts in several nations worldwide. It featured in the top 10 of the ‘US Billboard 200.’ The song was so successful that the ‘Australian Recording Industry Association awarded it gold status.’ Accolades started pouring in for Sivan as he won the ‘Teen Choice Award.’

“I just got to this place where I was so gay in my personal life, and really proud of it…” Sivan explained in an interview with Vogue. “And I was like, I want to share this with the whole world.”

Queer Superstar – “In your face Gay”

“Part of me wonders sometimes if I would be more commercially successful if I wasn’t gay or not as ‘in your face gay’…” Sivan explained to the Homo Sapiens podcast. “Sometimes, it can be frustrating because I’m giving my all and not having some humongous radio smash all over the world. Maybe the music just isn’t good enough, maybe the world is obsessed with hip hop right now and I’m making the furthest thing from hip hop. It could be a myriad of other things, but a part of me wonders sometimes, is the world actually ready right now for what I’m trying to be?”

“Sometimes I really forget that there are straight people in LA,” Sivan said in an interview with The Guardian. “I have almost exclusively LGBT people around me. That instilled a sense of confidence in me – that I have every reason to be proud of who I am.”