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Quick chat with that bitch Tigger Redd

Tigger Redd – Queer Twitter Influencer – gay adult entertainer

Tigger Redd is a well-known gay adult entertainer. As per his Twitter profile: 2019 Grabby Nominated Adult Ent. College Graduate Bitch/Girl of @RicanRoyce #NonBinary.

I suppose that this bitch is genuinely a bottom boy/girl… I guess it depends on @RicanRoyce.

Guys from Means Happy conducted an interview with him not long ago. Here are some parts of that.

After over six years in the business, Tigger has said that he has no regrets but that it’s time to move on to a new chapter in his life.

Tigger has said that his main reason for ending his porn career is that he was no longer having fun in the industry. This covers only his engagements for professional gay porn studios. He will continue his creative works and present them on several platforms.

He’s still going to be active on social media as Tigger Redd, but it’s a new phase.

Tigger Redd’s porn career

A while back, we caught up with him for a behind-the-scenes look at his life in porn.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I’ve always been a freaky individual, so watching porn got me into thinking that this is something that I’d like to do and have fun with. You only live once, so why not do it?

We recently ran a survey about what guys want to see in their porn, and there seems to be a big appetite for authentic porn that feels real. Is that consistent with the feedback that you get from your fans?

I pretty much give out the realness aspect in my scenes. With my partners on film, the chemistry, lust, and moans are all real.

I get a lot of love and support from my fans and supporters – they’re the best. Frankly, I am humbled by it. All of the positive feedback is appreciated.

Another of the findings from our porn survey was that guys are watching a lot of porn, with most gay guys watching porn every day. Does that surprise you?

It doesn’t, because it’s normal and accessible anywhere . Gay porn is always a good way to release stress.

I watch porn mainly at night, to help me get to sleep – after jacking-off once or twice, I’m turning over to go to bed.

Can we talk underwear?

I love underwear! Probably I have an underwear fetish. I love jockstraps, mesh, boxer briefs, thongs – it doesn’t matter, I’ve got some of all kinds.

When I work out, I usually wear my boxer-briefs or a jockstrap. When it comes to other guys, I love seeing them wearing tight briefs that show off the dick and ass.

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