How JJ George rides Andrey Vic Alpha Top

Watch hot and horny JJ George servicing his dominant partner Andrey Vic in the latest gay porn production by Lucas Entertainment

Last night we watched one of the latest videos produced by Lucas Entertainment. The young, hot and horny JJ George serviced his Alpha top partner Andrey Vic and loved his uncut cock. Yes, you noticed, I was not watching it alone. Let’s leave it at that. I can only say that we both rated it well. Nothing spectacular but entertaining and inspirational. As an Alpha top, I would recommend others with similarities to playing this video to their new gay boy. Regardless of where did you pick him up – gay bar, Grindr… Gay boys need some instructions before serving their Alpha tops.

The narrative – Pleasing your Alpha Top

JJ George is a young and handsome British guy who loves to service the needs of his dominant alpha tops. When their needs are taken care of, that’s when he’s a happy guy. That sounds great to Andrey Vic, who loves to be selfish with a guy and not worry about how he will bust his load. Little note here – I am an Alpha top but not selfish. It is very stereotypical but that is how it is.

JJ George does not disappoint him. While they vacation in a beautiful villa in Puerto Vallarta, JJ George gives a full-service treatment to Andrey Vic, from oral to anal. The only thing JJ wants in return is Andrey’s seed, which he squirts with no difficulty.

Overall rating

The choreography was excellent. The narrative is straightforward, and the flow of scenes is natural. Just as in most gay porn videos these days, anal sex is without condoms. I did not pay much attention to that detail, but I would be disappointed if the top did not ejaculate inside his bottom’s sexy and smooth body. Gay Alpha tops love inseminating their bottoms. Some of you know exactly what I am talking about. My partner dripped last night after our second session deep into the night. This video was inspirational, which is the primary purpose of this type of production.

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