Who is mysterious Sugar Sparks on Twitter?

The very new Twitter queer account from Colombia – Sugar Sparks – My New Queer Twitter Performer of the day

It is a pleasure to meet Sugar Sparks on Twitter. He seems to be one of the latest additions to the never-ending New Queer Twitter Performer list. He is a bit of a mysterious boy to me at the moment.

How did I discover Sugar Sparks? Well, it was effortless this time. It appears that Sugar Sparks is the boyfriend of another Queer porn content creator. So, his boyfriend has already been featured in this magazine. You can see that article HERE.

My “discovery” No. 1 = Sugar Sparks and Arctic Twink are boyfriends. How serious is their queer relationship? I would not be able to answer that question, but I might be able to ask them. Hopefully, they will agree to share their queer relationship secrets with us. I am convinced that their relationship is not very long. The article about Arctic Twink was published in late August. He never mentioned Sugar Sparks in his posts, then.

Queer relationship or Queer Porn Collaboration

Whatever the case – these two Queer Twitter Performers are one of the cutest couples on social media. It would be interesting if they agreed to have an interview for this magazine. Are they posting as a couple on any of the pay-for media? I will ask them and hopefully will be able to post some links to their content. At the moment, I can only guess. However, I am not complaining. It is delightful to think and try to imagine these two having sex.

Can anyone guess who is bottom and who is top?

I cannot help but have to make one suggestion to Sugar Sparks. It is about the way he looks at the camera. Maybe because he is a new performer… Whenever he looks at the camera, it is like looking at a mirror. Like checking something out. I prefer when the performer looks through the camera. It is like looking at the viewer’s eyes. It is like communicating with the viewer. This is not just my suggestion. You can hear the same from some seasoned and professional gay porn content creators.

Here is the question for my readers. What do you think is Sugar Sparks favorite role? Is he top, bottom or versatile. Let me know. I think that he is probably versatile-top. At least when fucking with Arctic Twink.

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