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Who Is Naked Gay Icarus – The Fallen Angel?

Naked Gay Icarus – Beautiful Brazilian Bottom Boy – Queer Twitter Influencer

Naked gay Icarus - Latino gay bottom boy from Brazil

Yesterday I was reading a gay porn review titled “Naked Icarus in a gay threesome” and discovered a beautiful fallen angel. According to that article, the hot and sexy bottom gay boy was a mysterious angel from Italy. That was the only information available. I wanted to see more than just a preview clip and joined Naked Sword for one month. I can only say that I am happy with that purchase.

gay Latino - Brazilian gay bottom boy
Click to view the clip
Click to view this video clip

Who is the naked Icarus? I could not find the answer on that question on the site. However, that made me even more curious. My search continued and this morning I found him! There is correction to be made to that article – the beautiful gay bottom boy is not Italian. He is Brazilian instead. Well, that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he is well qualified to be my Queer Twitter Influencer with over 223 thousand followers on Twitter.

nude gay Brazilian boy

Naked Gay Icarus is very close to becoming my Queer Twitter Superstar. If you did not follow him already, I am sure that all of you reading this will click on the “follow” button now. He is a hot and pure bottom gay boy. Are you the top who is into Latino gay boys? If your answer is “yes,” then you will love him.

Click to view the clip
Click to view the clip

Gay Icarus – The fallen angel – Queer Twitter Influencer

How to find gay porn reviews before purchasing your valuable videos for your gay porn library? One of the sites I visit regularly is the Gay Links. Many sites are listing the latest gay porn videos. However, this one is publishing their reviews rather than copy-paste the official descriptions by gay porn distributors.

However, your best source of gay/queer news from porn via activism to health is Gay News Portal Network. Have a great day, and enjoy gay Icarus – the fallen angel.

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