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Dane Jaxson – Our new Queer Twitter Megastar

Dane Jaxson – Queer Twitter Megastar and Gay Porn Actor

Dane Jaxson is my focus today. He is an impressive gay porn actor and content creator, and Queer Twitter Megastar. What do I know about him? Nothing beyond his Twitter Profile Page. I would love to find out much more. Why? Because every time I check his profile, it makes me horny. He is my type – slim, smooth, small built and a total gay bottom boy. On top of that, I think that he loves kissing. That is based on some video clips posted on his Twitter Profile Page.

According to my reliable source of information regarding professional gay porn actors and studios, Dane Jaxson was born in March 1998. His nationality is stated as American and his ethnicity is Asian. Dane is 5’6″ (168cm) tall. According to his Twitter Profile Page, he resides in Dallas, TX.

Click to view the Video Clip
Click to view the Video Clip

Bottom Twink that likes big cocks and even bigger dildos

Visitors to his Twitter Profile Page will understand how accurate the above statement is. Dane might be of tiny build, but he loves big cocks. However, if big cocks are not around, he is pretty happy violating his anus with enormous dildos. I am not sure what sizes he prefers. Hopefully, I will be able to ask him directly. Yes, I will ask him for an interview.

Dane Jaxson is a naughty boy. At first look he is so cute and boyish. And he is really cute and boyish. However, by his admission, he is not as other boys.

I’m not like the other boys, I’m worse!

I am not sure is it current, but some posts on platforms other than Twitter indicate that Dane is in a relationship. If you thought he might be your boyfriend then you might be late.

Click on View Profile to see the Video Clip

In terms of his professional life – Dane Jaxson seems to be open for collaborations. His queer adult content is available on OnlyFans and JustForFans. Dane Jaxson has also produced 24 gay porn videos/photoshoots/compilations with various professional gay porn studios.

With 535 thousand followers, Dane Jaxson is Queer Twitter Megastar. I will post the link to his Twitter Profile Page below. I am sure you will join his fast growing list of followers. Maybe we can push that number over one million! What can we call that? Maybe Queer Twitter Legend?

Dane Jaxson – Twitter Profile Page – The Link

Get Horny with Dane Jaxson!

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