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naked book reviewer is our new Incoming Queer

Naked book reviewer (@theresnoreason_) is my special finding in my search for Queer Twiter Content Creator. Let’s see if we can learn more about this unusual character

I am excited to present a new Incoming Star Queer Twitter Performer. He is posting under the name of “naked book reviewer” (@theresnoreason_). With 50 thousand followers, he is firmly in my Incoming Star Queer Twitter Performer category. I think that he deserves to be our new Queer Twitter Influencer. For that, he will need to get over 100 thousand followers on Twitter. Let me present his Twitter profile with the proposal to follow him.

Among other things, I review books naked! My book will be out sometime in early September!

naked book reviewer

Naked Book Reviewer lists Entertainment & Recreation as his occupation and Texas, USA, as his residence. As we scroll through his Twitter Profile, you will see that Naked Book Reviewer offers more than just hot queer content. He seems to be a quite capable entertainer and communicator. It is one more reason to push this profile to over 100 thousand followers and make him our Queer Twitter Influencer. As far as being an influencer is concerned, I am convinced he is already fulfilling that role successfully. What do you think?

He is active on YouTube

Naked Book Reviewer is probably the first Queer Twitter content creator I am presenting here that is active on YouTube. Our future Queer Twitter Influencer is a busybody. I like that.

If you ask for his preferred role in bed, I would guess he is a versatile bottom gay boy. An overwhelming number of his photos feature one of his best assets – his backside. And, from my point of view, it is beautiful. Most of his video clips show him enjoying the role of a cute gay-bottom boy. However, posts show that he can be top if required.

I am sure you can continue browsing through his Twitter account without my further assistance. Also, I am sure that you will hit that “follow” button. I will try to get him to grant me a short interview. However, he might decline. I am just one of those small outlets, and he might be aiming higher. Anyway, I will try. I will be watching for that book that he is promising. Are you curious to find out what is in there too? Before I go, here is the link to his Twitter account below. Go and check it out now!

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