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Sexy boy who needs attention – hellofa_gay

He is my New Queer Twitter Performer of the day – sexy boy from Poland that deserves some attention – hellofa_gay

What can I tell you about “hellofa_gay”? I don’t know him personally, but I can still tell you a few things. He is undoubtedly a sexy boy. I have no doubts about that. Why do I think that he needs attention? Because his number of followers on Twitter does not give you an accurate picture of him and his beauty. He is my nominee for New Queer Twitter Performer with just under twenty-three hundred followers. Not just for the day but much more. I think he has a reasonable chance to win the competition that I intend to establish as we travel towards the end of this crazy year.

In his profile, it states a name – Jacob. It must be his name. Or at least the name that hellofa_gay like others to use when calling him. He is twenty-one years old – born in 2000. He lives in Poland. There is no information about his exact location in Poland.

From this point, I can only share my guesses about Jacob. Guesses that are bordering with phantasies. Yes, I like sharing my phantasies when browsing through Twitter profiles of sexy and beautiful gay content creators that I don’t know and probably will never meet.

Jacob – hellofa_gay – shared only photos of himself solo. I am sure he has not collaborated with any other gay content creator. Or, at least, not recently. I will go a step further and say that he is probably single. How many of your reading would this article like to collaborate with hellofa_gay? How many of you would like to be his boyfriend? I guess pretty many. However, we don’t know if he would like to collaborate. Even less do we know in what role he would prefer to do it.

Is he Bottom? Or, maybe…

That leads to my next wild guess. I feel that Jacob is either bottom or versatile bottom. He seems keener to show his lovely round bottom than his frontal bits. Is he shy? I can also sense a tiny but present streak of femininity. In my books, that would lead to something close to perfect.

Let’s enjoy some of his photos posted on Twitter

new queer Twitter performer competition by gay news portal network ezine
Dont you think that I look beautiful in pink
Hello - my Twitter name is hellofa_gay. I am pretty gay boy from Poland

That is all, folks. Every phantasy has it’s end and this one is no different. I am keen to find out more about Jacob. Are you? I will contact him and try to get an interview. This article is an invitation for him to share a bit more information about himself and his content creation. Please let me know if you have any suggestions regarding my questions to him.

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