Boys Love TV – New Starstruck Series from Korea

Starstruck is a Korean BL series about two childhood friends from troubled homes. Starring Kim In Sung(김인성) and Zuho(주호)

Boys Love TV is presenting Starstruck Series from Korea. Also, looking at two main characters – Kim In Sung(김인성) and Zuho(주호)

The main character lives with his depressed mother and struggles financially. His best friend is miserable due to his parents’ constant quarrelling. Despite their family hardships, they rely on each other’s companionship for emotional support. However, the protagonist’s secret romantic feelings may jeopardize their precious bond.

As someone who adores romantic stories with childhood best friends, Star Struck naturally appeals to me. This moody BL drama captures the melancholy and torment of yearning for unrequited love. I am emotionally invested in the couple’s volatile journey, which consists of arguments, apologies, confessions, and rejections. However, the short series has too many unnecessary conflicts, overshadowing the enchanting moments.

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The Story

Han Joon and Yoo Jae are childhood best friends. As kids, they used to hang out by the playground swings and watch the stars together. Now in high school, Yoo Jae has become a popular figure on campus. Many female classmates swoon over him. Chae Young, one of the secret admirers, wants to be Yoo Jae’s girlfriend. She asks Han Joon for advice on how to pursue his friend.

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Han Joon and Yoo Jae are preparing for their university entrance exams. They plan on attending the same school. Han Yoon is an ace student who gets excellent grades. Nonetheless, he enrols in a tutoring centre to improve his studies. Yoo Jae and Chae Young are also part of the program. In addition, Han Yoon befriends Jin Hwan, who has a crush on Chae Young. Han Yoon helps his new friend get closer to her. However, Yoo Jae dislikes their growing bond.

The tutoring centre is expensive. Han Yoon comes from a single-parent household that struggles financially. His mother feels stressed about money and seems perpetually depressed about work. Han Yoon wants to cancel his tutoring since the fees will cover at least half the monthly rent. However, his mom wishes the best for her son and insists that he continue with the lessons. Like his friend, Yoo Jae also comes from a troubled family. His parents constantly quarrel. Their non-stop bickering makes Yoo Jae miserable at home.

Unbeknownst to Yoo Jae, Han Yoon sees him as more than just a friend. He harbours secret feelings for Yoo Jae. However, he doesn’t dare to confess. After Yoo Jae declines Chae Young’s love confession, he avoids her and no longer attends the tutoring lessons. Yoo Jae thinks staying friends with someone after being rejected is awkward. Han Yoon doesn’t reply back as he reflects on his own dilemma.

Han Yoon hangs out with Jin Hwan more frequently, annoying Yoo Jae. The two leads have a heated argument. With their conflict unresolved, Han Yoon accidentally hurts Yoo Jae during a dodgeball match. Yoo Jae’s injury breaks the ice between them. Both teens apologize to each other. Yoo Jae wonders if he takes after his parents, causing him to quarrel and hurt others. However, Han Yoon insists his friend is a kind person. As Han Yoon and Yoo Jae reconcile, they reiterate their bond. The pair makes future plans to live together as roommates.