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New Latino Queer Influencer – Luca Ambrose

Porn by Luca Ambrose – Influencer and Latino Queer Twitter Superstar in Making

Meet Luca Ambrose (@LucaAmbroseXXX)! With 215 thousand followers on Twitter, he is Queer Twitter Influencer. However, I dare to predict that he will soon be our Latino Queer Twitter Superstar. The ultimate judgement about that will be in your hands. I will publish the link to his Twitter Profile Page at the bottom of this article. It will be up to you to check his profile and decide whether you will follow him. I am confident that you will. If I am not confident, I would not write this article now. Let’s check it out together!

Who is Luca?

According to his Twitter Profile, Luca Ambrose is from Phoenix, AZ. By appearance, he is a young, slim and smooth Latino gay twink. After counting through many of his video clips, I am inclined to say that Luca is a versatile bottom gay twink. He also seems to be enjoying a rather large dildo violating his hole occasionally.


anyway… thank you for the food @Harley Xavier @Hazel 🥰

♬ original sound – lucabros

Getting to Know Luca Ambrose – Charming Queer Influencer

Is Luca Ambrose free? Well, I don’t know for sure. According to some of his Tik-Tok posts, he is in a relationship. In one of the clips, he mentions the word “husband” when talking about his partner. Are you jealous? I am. Does Luca Ambrose collaborate with other gay adult content creators? Yes, he does. How does he find partners for collaboration? I cannot answer that question. However, I can try to contact him and ask for an interview. What else would you like to know about Luca? Let me know, and I will list questions for him. Hopefully, he will be willing to answer them. Till then, I can only wish him a lot of fun and happiness.

Click to visit Twitter Profile Page for Luca Ambrose