New Queer Chastity Kink Queen – Nikkie Profile

Chastity is just one of many kinks of nikkie (@ChastityNikkie)

Are you wearing a chastity cage (cock cage if you prefer it that way)? Is there any other queer kink you are into? NIKKIE (@ChastityNikkie) is into chastity and foot, facesitting, bondage, latex, fisting, abdl, farting and more!

His Twitter Profile Page made me horny in an instant. Those who know my not-so-secret desires know that he had to qualify in several categories as slim, smooth, submissive, feminine…

With 16.9 thousand followers on Twitter, NIKKIE (@ChastityNikkie) fits into the Incoming Queer Twitter Performer group on Gay Portal. I was not impressed with that. NIKKIE is already Queer Twitter Influencer, in my opinion. However, he needs to jump over 100 thousand followers for that to happen. I think he deserves that promotion. Do you agree with me? The best way to agree with me is to follow him on Twitter. I am convinced that you will do it.

Who is NIKKIE?

NIKKIE is quite open about his kinks. However, he is not too keen on telling us where he resides. I could not get a straight answer to the question of his preferred role. Is NIKKIE top or bottom? There is only one post (or at least not many) showing NIKKIE in the company of other performers. Is that just a collaborator, or maybe more? I need an answer to so many questions.

Are all gay boys wearing chastity cage bottoms? Well, from my personal experience, the answer is positive. And that makes sense. Are all gay boys wearing cock cage submissive? Most of them are. If you are given the keys (all of them), you can be sure you are the boss. Do you like that feeling? I do.

NIKKIE sometimes wears diapers. I must admit to never having any personal experience with guys who are into that queer kink. It seems to be quite rare. One guy who appears almost regularly on my Grindr is into that. However, he is certainly not my type.

It is time to let you scroll through that lovely profile of NIKKIE without my assistance. The link to his Twitter Profile Page is below. Enjoy! And, don’t forget to FOLLOW