She is beautiful Queer Twitter Influencer

Autumn Rain is her Twitter name and she has the most beautiful breasts

There is nothing as “objective” in everyday reality. However, I do my best to be objective when looking for new Twitter profiles to present here. And, yes, I do try to cover many different tastes that my readers would like. I am still not sure what the majority of the followers of this magazine prefer when it comes to queer content. However, I must admit that this particular presentation is subjective. Autumn Rain is the closest to my fantasies in a long time. I am glad to welcome it here in public.

Those who visited these pages before know that I am a gay top. I probably already stated that I prefer bottoms that are slightly submissive and feminine. I am happy to engage with people who don’t regard themselves as gay. That includes those born as females and those who changed or are in the process of changing. There are two things I don’t compromise. One is kissing – it is required. Another is that I need a sexual engagement as the top that involves penetration. I don’t consider myself bisexual, though.

Let’s get back to Autumn Rain. With just over 98 thousand Twitter followers, she belongs to my group of Queer Twitter Influencers. I am convinced that she will quickly build her audience to over 250 thousand followers. That would make her the Queer Twitter Superstar. I believe that she belongs in that category. I hope that this post will speed up that process a bit.

What would you like me to ask Autumn Rain?

She describes herself as Nonbinary Girl 23. Yes, she (still) has a cock, and she is mostly bottom but is quite capable of being top. She continues her introduction by declaring an Emo Bitch – they/she. All this is freely available on her Twitter profile to anyone that visits it. One of the reasons I chose to present her is my curiosity to find out a bit more about Autumn Rain. I will ask her for an interview after I publish this article.

The most important reason is that I think she would be capable of winning a competition I am planning to organise here. I will write about that soon. Is there anything you would like to ask her? Just leave your comments and suggestions. I always find time to read them and respond if required.

Here is the graphical part

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Queer twitter porn content creator Autumn Rain
I love this type of breast Do you

I love that sound of passion

Here is my proposition: Dear Autumn Rain, marry me! Ooops, that was not intended. Forget about that, folks. Dear Autumn Rain, please let me have an interview with you! It can be accompanied by photos/videos and links of your choice. Please consider!

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