Let’s Tweet with AJ Sloan now!

AJ Sloan – Gay News Portal’s Incoming Queer Twitter Performer

I don’t know what the reason is for AJ Sloan having only 58.7 thousand followers on Twitter. That makes him Gay News Portal’s Incoming Queer Twitter Performer. AJ Sloan is much more than that, and you should go to your Twitter and start following him right now. I promise that you will not regret it. Let me know if you disagree with me after checking his profile.

AJ Sloan joined the professional gay porn circle in 2020. I am not sure when did he start posting his gay adult content production on social media. Maybe about the same time. His Twitter account was established in 2020. Just this morning I was reading a review of one of his latest videos here.

AJ lives in Los Angeles and describes himself as a “writer, grad stud(ent), adult stuff maker, ancient astronaut theorist.”

Considering his start in 2020, AJ Sloan has recorded an impressive number of appearances in professional gay porn studio productions – thirty-three. If you are into versatile gay boys – you just found one. AJ is truly universal. Are you into flip-fucking? Let me know in your comments. I would love to know what predominant role preference of my audience is.

Do you know AJ Sloan? Maybe you have some more information about him? If you do, please share it in the comments box on this page. Let’s share it with the community. Please note – I am not interested in anything that would constitute a breach of his privacy.

I don’t know how AJ Sloan is finding partners for his gay adult content presented on OnlyFans. If you are interested in collaborating with him, the best way is to contact him over Twitter. I wish you the very best of luck. I am starting to be jealous already.

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