Jordyn Franco – Give me your love & cum

Mexico City sensation – exceptionally feminine in boy’s body with flirty eyes looking unbelievably innocent – Jordyn Franco wants your love, cock and all the juice you can make! They want it right now!

I indeed enjoy my search for the best, cutest, the most original or weirdest queer content creators posting on Twitter. I never pretended it felt like a job. It is a true pleasure, and I promise never to complain about having to find at least three new profiles every week.

However, that pleasure was multiplied several times today when I came across a genuinely remarkable profile. His, or should I say, her name on Twitter is Jordyn Franco. With 110 thousand followers on Twitter, he is one of our Queer Twitter Influencers.

I know I am incredibly biased because Jordy Franco is the type of girly boy I like. However, many achieve a feminine look by adjusting their hairstyle, clothes… Jordyn Franco was born with that feminine streak. His posture when photos are taken, the shape of his body, and his eyes. It all works together so well. I will not hide it; he made me horny as nobody else for quite some time.

I don’t know what exactly it takes to become a successful queer content creator posting on social media and other sites. Probably nobody can be sure about that anyway. However, many will agree with me that it is natural. It presents someone’s fantasies precisely the way they are dreaming about. I am convinced that Jordyn Franco is as honest and genuine. I wish I could personally attest that he is the same in front of a camera and in truly intimate moments when he is just enjoying sex.

This queer content creator wants your love, cock and all the juice you can make!

This queer content creator is bottom. I doubt that he would enjoy being top at all. If that is true, then he got more points in my book. Who knows. I will try to find out.

I will not continue sharing my fantasies about Jordyn Franco with you anymore. Sometimes one has to keep the best stuff for himself. I will try to get to know him better if he agrees to the interview. Till then, let’s enjoy some of his posts together.

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