Trevor Harris - gay porn actor

Who is breeding schoolboy Trevor Harris?

Trevor Harris – Queer Twitter Influencer – Professional gay porn actor and queer content producer

Trevor Harris is one of the most popular gay porn actors and content producers. He is Queer Twitter Influencer and a multiple award winner.

Trevor Harris asked “breed me” more than once in comments accompanying his Twitter posts. I was going to volunteer. However, I realised that Trevor seems to be in a rather serious relationship. I guess I am allowed to fantasise about breeding him anyway.

Breeding of Trevor Harris - gay porn - explicit
Breeding of Trevor Harris

According to his Twitter profile, Trevor Harris is a NextDoorStudios exclusive. Add his account on OnlyFans, and you understand that this schoolboy-looking lad is very busy. It seems that he is acting together with his boyfriend. I am not entirely sure, but that was probably his exclusive partner.

However, I have found that he was also performing for Helix Studios. I will guess again and say that was probably in the past. Is there anyone who can put some more light on that? Please comment.

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Trevor Harris description by Helix Studios

Trevor Harris is a tech nerd gone bad! He began his career in the adult entertainment industry in 2017 and remains active today! Helix Studios is excited to have Trevor on board because it’s just the kind of cock and ass that our fans have been raving about.

Trevor is a versatile lover and enjoys equally being on top and at the bottom. He hailed from northern California and was interested in becoming a gay porn actor because he needed help paying his expensive college tuition. He loves all things computers and all things gay sex! Hanging with his friends and touching their cocks on and off-screen is a passion for Trevor. 

Helix Studios

Trevor is 5′ 10″ (178cm) tall and 121 lbs (55 kg) weight. In my mind, he appears as one of those sexy schoolboys looking for some sexual adventure. He was born in 1998.

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