Grant Ducati – Dream Gay Bottom Boy

Grant Ducati is a dream gay bottom boy – Slim, smooth and cock-hungry

Grant Ducati is Queer Twitter Influencer by Gay News Portal Network measurements. He has 83.5 thousand followers on Twitter only!? Why is that so? He deserves at least ten times more. Please go to Twitter and follow him right now! He deserves at least that much. There is a lot to admire about this handsome boy.

Grant is a “naturally born bottom” from my dreams. However, he is not what one would call a “pure bottom”. I have seen several videos with Grant being the top, but these are relatively rare. I am unsure if he has any posts on Twitter as a top.

Grant DucatiΒ is a 22 year-old southern personal trainer and an upcoming gay porn star to keep an eye on. He recently filmed multiple sex scenes with many porn studios. Some of you might recognize him as β€œLucas Cash” on Twitter. This hottie has boyish face, muscular body, bubble butt, and big cock.

Like almost every gay porn star these days, Grant Ducati is also posting his pornographic creative works on Just for Fans and other similar media platforms.

I will tell you one little secret. I love photos of Grant Ducati wearing glasses. Looking like a schoolboy makes my cock hard every time I look at it. Do you like goofy boys?

Enjoy that bubble-butt and the rest of Grant Ducati

I guess you prefer looking at some creations by young and sexy Grant than reading more of my fantasies. I don’t blame you at all. I will stick to his postings on Twitter and once you follow him there, a number of links to his creations is available.

Before I go, promise to follow young and sexy Grant Ducati on Twitter.

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