Homoerotic Tumblr by knuffelberlin2022

Twelve Homoerotic Photos by knuffelberlin2022 on Tumblr

Most of the free queer content on social media comes from Twitter. Twitter is undoubtedly THE Platform to be for queer content creators. However, it was not the case some years ago. Several years ago, Tumblr was the best place for queer content producers to promote their works. Tumblr was sold to new owners, who decided to “clean” it. Almost all queer content creators left the platform that started censoring them beyond reasonable standards.

Has anyone checked Tumblr and blogs available on that platform recently? I have, and I was surprised that strict rules have changed. It certainly does not go as far as Twitter, but it is pretty and improved. Particularly for photographic works. Some video clips that I could manage to find are minimal. However, many blogs present homoerotic photos for the queer and gay community and followers.

During my browsing I stumble upon one blog that captured my attention. I quite like what I saw. It seems to me that the author of that blog – knuffelberlin2022 – has similar photographic taste to mine. Photos are in a black and white technique. And, to my taste, most of them are quite homoerotic.

Love is colourblind


I suspect that the author is from Berlin. Or, he might be inspired by a great classic, “Money”, starring Liza Minelli. His blog made me remember the film that many from my generation loved.

I will also have to publish a little DISCLAIMER: I don’t know who the authors of the photos that will be presented here are. There will be no advertising inserted in the body of this article as the purpose of publishing these photos is not commercial in any sense. To any potential owner that might not be happy with that: Please get in touch with me, and pictures will be removed. I thank you for your understanding on mine and on behalf of my audience.

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