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Homoeroticism recorded in Black & White

Homoeroticism is sexual attraction between members of the same sex, either male–male or female–female. The concept differs from the concept of homosexuality: it refers specifically to the desire itself, which can be temporary, whereas “homosexuality” implies a more permanent state of identity or sexual orientation.

I have decided to revive the posting of homoerotic photos on this site. Quite an extensive collection of images was lost when one of my sites went down beyond repair. Some of my current readers here used to follow that site. Its name was “Gay Matters”. These readers will also know that I particularly appreciate homoerotic photography in black & white. I am convinced that black & white photos are much more suitable for that type of photography.

Some examples of homoerotic photography:

Male Images from Durieu/Delacroix to Mapplethorpe

Allen Ellenzweig traces the male gaze upon men as captured by the camera throughout the history of photography. More than one hundred striking, provocative duotone photographs reflect a wide-ranging history of photographic male homoeroticism and the spiritual, physical, and intellectual exchange among men. Accompanying these images is a detailed account of the multiple, complex meanings of the homoerotic that have taken shape from the 1850s to today.

The shift from pornography to fine art that occurred in the years following Stonewall – Homoerotic photography

As the 1960s took shape, the polished veneer of polite society was stripped away. In its place came a new generation of Americans demanding the same Constitutional rights afforded to straight white men since the nation began. The Civil Rights Movement, the Sexual Revolution, and Second-wave feminism transformed the political and cultural landscape, setting the stage for the birth of the Gay Liberation Movement. 

On June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, Black and Latinx transgender people took a stand against state-sponsored violence, leading a five-day rebellion against the New York Police Department that spawned a global movement for LGBTQ rights. Once the proverbial closet doors were torn off the hinge, there was no turning back. For one brief shining decade, the future was bright. 

It started with porn and shifted to the fine art of homoerotic photography…

I am pleased to present some photos and the link to one of many Tumblr profiles publishing homoerotic photography and similar works of arts. The name of the profile is Monochrome Men.

This is my selection of photos from that Tumblr profile:

This is just first of the series of photographs that I classify as “homoerotic”. Most of them will be in a black & white form. However, I am not ruling out posting some of colour photos that fit that definition. At least in my mind.

Do you have any suggestions for my future posts in this section? If you do, please let me know in the “comments” box.

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